Andrew Jolliffe Raising Funds in Oz Harvest CEO Cookoff

3 March, 2016 / Andrew Jolliffe

Ray White Hotels Asia Pacific managing director Andrew Jolliffe will once again line up against some of the nation’s top chefs and 150 CEOs at this year’s Oz Harvest CEO Cookoff on March 7 to to feed up to 1,300 homeless and vulnerable Australians.

The annual event is in its fifth year and aims to increase awareness on food insecurity, homelessness and food wastage in Australia.

The 50-chef lineup includes Matt Moran, Neil Perry, Guillaume Brahimi and many more.

“I find the thought of the sheer desperation and hopelessness hungry kids in this country must feel, an absolutely abhorrent concept. The people involved in the OzHarvest organisation, from the indefatigable Ronni Khan, right down to the volunteers who regularly lend their time to the movement, are so inspirational,” said Jolliffe.

Asked what his cooking specialty will be on the night, Mr Joliffe said he just wants to complete the cookoff without losing a finger.

“As for the dish we’ll cook on the night, I’m prepared to take firm instruction from Matt Moran or Guillaume Brahimi or whoever is shouting at me the loudest.”

The OzHarvest CEO Cookoff is the food-rescue organisation’s flagship annual event, and in it’s fifth year has raised more than $4 million dollars. This year its target is to raise another $1.5million.

“I’m so grateful for the support of colleagues and clients who have already made commitments to support what is going on here. It’s clearly great to raise money for such a worthwhile initiative, but without also raising the awareness of the issue central to the movement (namely the better utilization of existing resources: financial, human and product) to crush the absurdity of hungry kids in Australia; then I will have failed in meeting my objective,” said Mr Jolliffe.

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